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Today's Class Work

Term 2



Virtual Muscles


2. Muscle Threshold

3. Heart

4. Virtual Muscles

5. Do you know your muscles?

Bone Structure

How Joints Work

Term 1


Video: Transport Across Membranes (by Cerebellum) - reinforce Apricot lab (osmosis) and air freshner (diffusion)

Begin: The Great Carrot Mystery (Lab)

11/11 Veteran's Day


Compound Travel: Observe what happened to the apricot and the water

Cell organelle function/location pre-test

Begin: Reading (page 32) and Cell in its Environment Guided Reading and Study


Video: Matter and its Properties

Finish Chemical Compounds Review (Guided Reading and Study)

Compound Travel: Take measurements of your apricot (many compounds) before placing water

(one compound made of two elements: hydrogen and water) on it to sit overnight.


Create a Graph practice using Chip Fat data (use of Computer Lab)


Instruction: Include your name in the Source field when making your graph for your experiment in Create a Graph (see Schoology)Video: Organelle review, Discovery, Inside Cells

Review Chemical Compounds in Cells

Work on Chip Fat graph and conclusion


Graph fat (compound) in chips

Chemical Compounds in Cells


Read Compounds in Cells

Place Chip on Grid for fat analysis on Monday

Write Chip Fat experiment in science notebooks


Review Looking inside Cells

Cell Compounds Lab Preparation (fats/lipids): Draw 6cm X 6cm square, paper bag


YouTube: Introduction to Cells - Cell Quiz

Work on Looking Inside Cells worksheet packet


Reivew Discovering Cells worksheet packet

Work on cell factory


Cell Craft

Click on Cell Craft and then choose Cellcraft Carolina

CellCraft is a state of the art game that invites students to delve into the world of the cell, learning about how a cell functions while helping it survive in hostile environments a variety of cellular organelles, while going through an entertaining story guided by Platypus scientists in need of help. The game encourages students to balance resources and grow a robust cell in order to fight off cold, starvation, and viruses. Can you use your cellular knowledge to grow a super cell and save the Platypus species? Find out by mastering the art of CellCraft!


Experiment Comment (post on Schoology)

Start working on Procedure (Schoology)

Cell Factory